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Typically hosted on a weekend, our one-day enrichment programs are fun, hands-on, and completely unique. These programs are great for organizations looking for enrichment opportunities and fundraisers.

A group of students is anywhere from 30-100, but we have accommodated much larger groups in the past. Just let us know what you need, and we'll do our best to deliver.

Cardboard Challenge: The Art & Science of PaperScience, Engineering, Arts, Math (Geometry)1st-6th; 6th-9th; 9th-12thThis interactive, “come & go” camp will have students manipulating, creating and pondering the art and science of paper through a series of guided workshops scheduled throughout the day.
The Art & Science of Paper explores the fascinating qualities and possibilities inherent in paper, from origami to flexagons and including the central “Cardboard Challenge” inspired by the amazing story of Caine’s Arcade.
The Escape Challenge: Reasoning [cubed]Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, Puzzles and Problem-Solving 5-12th GradePut all your cognitive abilities to the test in order to solve puzzles and escape. Will you and your team merely survive (which alone is an accomplishment), or will your leadership thrive--tackling added layers of achievement and challenge?
iCan Film FestivalTechnology, ArtsK-12thThe iCAN-Create Film Fest—brings the spirit of innovation and the freedom to explore and turns it towards the medium of film. Students K-12 can work independently or with free-formed groups with opportunities to attend mini-workshops on topics such as stop-motion, claymation, photographic memes, improv acting, set design, storyboarding, and more. The goal is to explore and express their creativity through the medium of film.
Massively Epic Role Play (MERP) Engineering, Arts, Creative Play1st-8th GradeImmerse yourself in another world, diving head-first into unique realms with swords, spaceships, superheroes, and Epic Quests. Earn treasure, build your stats, battle P2P in the arena. Trade up your gear at the black market, but beware of the over-arching force that permeates all worlds.
S.T.E.A.M. Station ExtravaganzaScience, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math1st-6th GradeA day of choice and hands-on exploration in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. From chemistry to computer programming—structural challenges, expressionist art, and mathemagical brain puzzles, this day is designed for the knowledge-hungry kiddo looking for more!
Video Game CreationTechnology, Engineering, Arts, and Math5th-12th GradePast the pixels, there’s a world of story arcs and Sandbox environments, character design and AutoCAD , motifs and Modeling…the list goes on, taking you as far as your passions, perseverance, and proficiency allow. Here’s the next generation of storytellers, visualizing the mythology that propels our future forward.
The Hero's JourneySelf-Awareness, Character Development, Mindfulness7th-12th GradeThe concept of literary archetypes is taught in most secondary language arts classes, but The Hero’s Journey is so much more than a tool for analyzing books—it’s the unpinning story that shapes who we are and our role within society. Filled with fun, hands-on challenges and questions that spurn deep discussions; this day is a workshop for the YA (young adult) seeking to define their place in this world.
Spring Brain BreakTake a's proven to be good for you 🙂 1st-8th GradeWith the summer seemingly eons away, what students need is a brain booster—the reigniting of the passion, play and problem-solving that fuels our curiosity! Outfox opponents at logic games, strategize at chess, dip into programming, explore games with origins throughout world cultures and balance it all out with mind-body challenges like yoga poses, noodle hockey and human-size Hungry-Hungry Hippo!
Santa Runs on S.T.E.A.M.Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math1st-8th GradeIn this holiday adventure, students explore the physics of Santa’s yearly circumnavigation, engineer updates to his sleigh, construct with gingerbread architecture, ponder Christmas on other planets, and so much more! Don’t worry, there’ll be time for a little classic Rudolph claymation too!