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Camp Pursuit is a full, 5-day summer camp (7-8 hours/day). You choose between our themed package or pick/choose your favorite courses from our catalog. Every day is filled with a positive welcome message, lessons filled with depth/complexity, S.T.E.A.M. stations, brain breaks, genius choice elements, journaling prompts, gamified challenges, and so much more! The curriculum is specifically designed and tested at our own summer camps to ensure smooth accommodation of mixed-age groups of students (ranging from 1st-8th grade).

Camp Pursuit: Voyagers EditionThere is an innate drive within humans to push the bounds of what contains us. From setting sail into the distant ocean horizon to traversing the harsh vastness of space. Throughout history, individuals and cultures have taken great risks, spurned on by curiosity. Camp Pursuit: Voyagers Edition explores the many manifestations of this curiosity. From the Polynesians and the sweet potato, to the fictional Martian botanist, we will explore who are as individuals and as a collective society. Become Thor Heyerdahl, Leif Eriksson, Christopher Columbus, Sally Ride, Galileo, Tesla, Edisson, Neil Armstrong, Martian colonists, and more as you explore STEAM elements from the annals of human voyage and discovery. 1st-8th
Camp Pursuit: al a carteChoose any courses from our catalog. Varies based on your selections