School Assemblies

We offer amazing school assemblies, including events like, “I Wanna’ Rock” with a unique twist on the rock cycle to “Fascination of Flight” with algebraic thinking and skydiving science.  All cased inside a powerful, take-home message!

school assembly

School Assembly Programs

Give us one-to-two hours, and we'll inspire your students with our unique blend of positive messages, hard-core learning, and hands-on fun!

Cardboard Challenge: The Art & Science of PaperScience, Engineering, ArtsK-12th GradeThe Art & Science of Paper explores the fascinating qualities and possibilities inherent in paper, from origami to flexagons and including the central “Cardboard Challenge” inspired by the amazing story of Caine’s Arcade.
Fascination of Flight: Applied AerodynamicsScience, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & MathK-12th GradeWith mythology, history, invention, physics, and wind tunnels as our playground, we’ll explore the concepts behind determining terminal velocity while looking at the legend of Icarus, the inventions of DaVinci, the landing of the Mars Rover, and much more.
I Wanna’ Rock: A Hands-on Rock Cycle AdventureScience, ArtK-7th GradeIn this stations-based science program, students will interact with the rock cycle in a way that deepens their appreciation for the amazing cyclical processes that shape our planet. Exploding crackers, planetary Play-Doh and Pokemon-like battles will all be highlights of this passion packed program, as students explore.
The Science of Soccer: Newton’s Three Laws in MotionScience, Technology, Engineering, MathK-8th GradeThe concepts of inertia and velocity come together as we study chesting. We’ll mingle the Magnus Effect of Roberto Carlo’s free kick with Bernoulli’s ballistic ball handling. What about projectile motion, chip shots, and the unique (aerodynamic?) design of professional soccer balls?
Transition to Middle School: Organization & ‘Thrival SkillsSelf-development, Organizational, CommunicationsIncoming Middle SchoolersA fun and non-intimidating way to help incoming middle schoolers prepare for the transition and learn to thrive for years to come. Start with an encouraging message, then get right to it with hands-on activities for the kids to keep practicing the necessary skills they’ll need to master the halls of middle school.

There are a wide variety of non-district specific topics, including how to build a support system, various study techniques, conflict resolution, scheduling and organization methods, working with an agenda…plus time with an actual padlock (for those in need of locker support)!
Turkeys Can Fly [Holiday Special]Science, EngineeringK-8th GradeFrom rockets to catapults to parachutes, help Turkey Tom escape his dreaded Thanksgiving fate while learning the principles of propulsion & thrust; elastic & kinetic energy; gravity & drag. Here’s to tofurkey this year!
Santa Runs on S.T.E.A.M. [Holiday Special]Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and MathK-8th GradeIn this holiday adventure, students explore the physics of Santa’s yearly circumnavigation, engineer updates to his sleigh, construct with gingerbread architecture, ponder Christmas on other planets, and so much more! Don’t worry, there’ll be time for a little classic Rudolph claymation too!