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You do not have to navigate the waters of parenting a gifted child alone! Join us for lunch or in the evening once a week for six weeks, as we explore and work with issues directly related to parenting the gifted and talented. Many parents who saw our one-hour workshops wanted more, so we created these series of parent sessions. Each workshop is small, allowing for active discussion and cathartic sharing. You will grow from the experience both as a parent and as an individual.

Gifted 101Relaxed, supportive exploration of topics affecting parents of the gifted. Profiles, OEs, Perfectionism, Growth Mindset, Bibliotherapy, Organization & Habit Building, Self-Advocacy
Gifted 201Gifted 101 NOT a prerequisite! A second soiree into additional topics specific to parents of the gifted and talented. Empathy, Self-Esteem & Underachievement, Elemental Learning, Multi-potentiality, law and advocacy, Elemental Living
The Enigma of IntelligenceAs parents, we do our best to provide our children with a strong academic support system, from sports and extracurricular activities, to trips to museums and extra tutoring as needed. Of all the many variables that contribute to a child's success, there are two that seem to fall beyond our sphere of influence: their mindset and their intelligence. However, a child's mindset and intelligence is tantamount to how they view the world, problem solve, and grow into self-reliant individuals.

In this course, we begin by discussing what is meant by intelligence, and start to unravel the misconceptions that accompany this social construct. As a parent, you'll learn to view intelligence in a new way and set the foundation for fostering a growth mindset. The lessons on Growth Mindset (based on the work of Carol Dweck) will provide tools, tips, and techniques that you can use with your child immediately.
IQ, Assessment, Identification, Growth Mindset
Your True North: A Course on "Finding Your Element"Creativity researcher and philosopher Sir Ken Robinson first began to shake up the educational world with his 2009 book, The Element, in which he makes a heartfelt plea to rescue the joy, spontaneity, passion and creativity that is being methodically hammered out of our schools' curriculum and, hence, our students. Robinson’s thesis is quite simple: when we humans live, work and play in a space in which our natural talents and our spontaneous passions meet, we are happier, healthier and more fulfilled beings.

Robinson's idea spread well beyond the classrooms and halls of academia. So many people were intrigued by Robinson's concept of the Element that they asked, "Yes, let's rethink our educational system, but can WE also get some help finding our Element and everything it promises?" Robinson's generous answer was "YES" with the publication of his follow up book, Finding Your Element. In this course, Your True North: A Course on Sir Ken Robinson's Finding Your Element, we journey together through the key principles and processes Robinson suggests are crucial to finding your own element.

We'll start by assessing exactly where we are now and move a step at a time through many of the exercises, activities and ideas presented in the book. Why not just buy the book and do it yourself? Good point! We consider ourselves "curators" of the book's key concepts and in serving as guides on your own journey through the book, are like an on-call team of coaches and support staff--sherpas to help you up the mountain if you will!

More powerful yet is the community of mutual support that will develop among the travelers. Whether signing up solo or as part of a group, you'll find the signage along the path easy to read and follow but not overbearing. Set your resolve to explore new territories in your life. Ask yourself, what lies at my true north? And then contact us! We're waiting for you.
Self-development, Mindset, Elemental learning