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Usually delivered in the evening, these 1-2 hour workshops deal with issues directly related to parenting the gifted and talented. From the G/T overview, including productive partnerships and the social emotional, to the more esoteric topics like 2e, EQ, and bibliotherapy, NuMinds Enrichment will bring a research-based presentation with a hands-on component. We promise that every parent workshop will have something a parent can take and implement immediately in his/her home.

BibliotheraphySo many students identifed G/T are avid readers, lost in their own world. Now, through the use of books, you can empathize and connect with your child. The talk includes our top 10 book recommendations including deep discussion questions used as a springboard for life lessons. Bibliotherapy, Nature & Needs, S/E
Divergent ThinkingWhere many may see messy, flighty, and disorganized...parents and the perceptive educator will see a world of depth beneath the chaos. The term is typically "right brained" and there are ways of supporting this unique gift. Nature & Needs, "Right-brained," Creativity,
Gifted v. TalentedWhy Gifted AND Talented? Is there just a gifted program? How about a "talented" program? What is the difference? Can you be one without the other (gifted by not talented; talented but not gifted?) See both sides of the story and decide for yourself!Paradigms in Gifted Ed., Psychometrics, Identification and Service Design
The Enigma of IntelligenceWhat does IQ mean and how does that really impact my day-to-day relationship with my child? What constitutes a high IQ and are there any manifestations born from having a higher number?Psychometrics, Growth Mindset, EQ, SQ, IQ, Identification
Perfectionism: Excellence is the AntidotePerfectionism takes many different forms, and most gifted children struggle with some level of perfectionism. We'll show you how to properly identify the various types, and how to employ a growth mindset to combat neuroses and enjoy the sense of accomplishment deprived of those who suffer from perfectionism. Perfectionism, Growth Mindset, Attribution Theory
Power of PlayNuMinds loves to play! So we decided to crack the books and see what's out there to support our biased love of play. The results shocked us, and they'll help you see "play" in a whole different way. Paracosm, SQ, Creativity
Productive PartnershipsThis is a great starting point for parents new to gifted and talented education (GATE). From properly identifying forms of giftedness to help with advocacy, this talk is for you! Gifted Profiles, S/E, Parent & Teacher partnerships
Social IntelligenceIQ and $ ... is there a correlation? In this study of Daniel Goleman's work, we look at both Social and Emotional Intelligence to call to attention a whole different way of thinking that may be the greatest indicator of long-term success.S/E, Nature & Needs, SQ, IQ, Creativity
Solutions to the Social/Emotional PuzzleYou can postulate and argue about overexcitabilities all day, but when you see the tears and the extreme amount of pinpointed focus, you know there's something there. Let's tease it out using the work of Dabrowski and begin to build empathy for those more excitable than ourselves.S/E, Nature & Needs, Elemental Learning, Overexcitabilities
Top Tech RecommendationsSimple. There's technology for the sake of technology and then there's technology for the sake of clarity and sanity. We will bring our top 10 tech recommendations, but not a simple Google search. We only share the tech and implementation techniques that have been used directly with our students. Technology, S/E, Nature & Needs