Are You in Your Element?


The idea I had before writing this post came from an upper-intermediate class I taught while I was living in Beirut, Lebanon.  I wanted students to think "outside the box" not only in class but also in life.  Helping our students think creatively is not an impossible task but it can be a challenge. There was a lesson entitled "Eureka" which means, "I have found it!" in Greek.  Students were asked to read an article and think about how a simple illusion can transform the way we think to go beyond the limits we have set for ourselves.  Everyone has 'physical [...]

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S.T.E.A.M. – Rolling the Future


  According to the visitor research organization, Destination DC, the ever-transient hub of political action and thought, D.C., attracted approximately 20 million people in 2016.  Among its visitors are the elementary, middle, and high school students visiting from every corner of the States by the thousands- many experiencing their first time out of their Locality. In the spring of 2016 I had the unforgettable opportunity to work with only a fraction of the young visitors and future influencers who step inside D.C.’s countless immersive educational programs.  Quite impressed, I witnessed eager students from Alaska to California, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Texas [...]

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THE NUMINDS GLOSSARY Here at NuMinds, we put our own spin on things, but we don't want to leave anyone in the dark with our unique terminology. Here's a breakdown of a few important terms. BRAIN AGE: Let's face it, for many gifted kids the mind seems to have gotten a slight head start on the body. Timmy might be walking around in the body of a third grader, but his obsession with the injustices of 19th century economic models indicates a slightly more mature "brain age." We make brain age recommendations on our Learning Shoots so that you can make [...]