STEAM Explorers – Archgate Montessori Academy

Our STEAM Explorers after school program at Archgate Montessori Academy will be a laboratory of engaging learner experiences focused primarily on technology. We’ll be driven by the curiosities, passions, and interests of the student participants and adapt topics from month-to-month based on student interest.

Some topics we’ll cover include R O B O T I C S , C O D I N G , G A M E D E S I G N , D I G I T A L A R T , D R O N E S , R A S P B E R R Y P I , M I N E C RAFT, STOP-MOTION MOVIE MAKING and MORE!

All grades/ages welcome. Lessons, projects and challenges are easily adaptable based on student experience and skill level. Our Fall semester will include the opportunity to attend 15 Tuesday sessions, and our Spring semester (2018) will include the opportunity to attend 20 Tuesday sessions.